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Sunflower Class

Sunflower Class

Sunflower class is a class of nine students. We follow a functional skills curriculum with all lessons differentiated to meet individual needs and abilities. Our students follow a visual timetable, which we refer to each morning after singing our morning song which prepares us for the day ahead. We practise Signalong signs each morning which can be led by the students.

We support and encourage independence, learning through exploration and lots of fun in practical lessons. One of our focus points is teaching life skills; students take responsibility for different jobs in class on a daily basis, collecting the register and checking who is in, being in charge of snacks and drinks, recycling and other general jobs in class and around school, these experiences form evidence towards their learning outcomes.

The students enjoy swimming at Aqua Vale and Booker Park where they are building their confidence in the water, working on physiotherapy programmes and learning to swim.

We take part in weekly speech and language sessions where we work on developing our communication skills, playing games and turn taking.

Occupational therapy sessions are another favourite for our class; we love all the different fine and gross motor skill activities.

Rebound therapy is great fun we enjoy bouncing and learning new techniques on the trampoline and exploring the soft play equipment navigating around different obstacles.

When you visit our class you can be assure of a shake of the hand and an invitation to join in with the lesson; we aim to make everyone feel welcome.

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