Sunflower Class

Sunflower Class

Sunflower class is a group of busy Year 7 and 8 students who are learning more about life at Stocklake Park. We are investigating our environment, both in and around the school, as well as our local environment. By walking to the local shops, we practise our road safety awareness skills, we handle money and we communicate with members of the general public and staff in the shops. We are excited about learning how to prepare a variety of simple dishes – snack and lunch times are very popular all round!

Music, singing and dancing play a very important role in our learning and we enjoy singing songs that teach us more about counting, where our bodies are and what we can do with them. This is a good time for us to work on our gross motor skills! We have sessions where we focus on our fine motor skills as well; we get to build blocks, puzzles, work on scissor skills and we will be using tweezers, beads and laces in the future as well.

When we have SaLT, we work hard on our communication skills. We really enjoy playing the games that Amy brings for us every week and our turn-taking and eye-contact skills continue to improve all the time.

We look forward to starting Rebound sessions soon, where our physical skills will be developed in a different way. Swimming and horse riding also feature on our timetable and we get very excited when talking about it!

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