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Bonsai Class

Bonsai Class

Bonsai class are the transition group at Stocklake Park. We enjoy a varied and exciting curriculum working towards independence and moving on to the next stages in our learning.

We are an enthusiastic class who enjoy accessing the community to enhance our learning. Each Friday we run tuck shop which includes stock taking, planning and buying the products. plus it is a fantastic opportunity for the whole school to practise their money, communication and social skills.

Bonsai class enjoy life skills. food technology and my wellbeing which are subjects used to enhance their experience of working and living more independently. We enjoy completing jobs around the school and work experience.

We are an energetic group and we particularly enjoy ‘Being Active’ lesson, physio and sporting experiences which include weekly access to swimming sessions and Rebound Therapy.

Class Teacher

Nigel, Hannah & Deb

Senior Learning Support Assistant


Learning Support Assistants