Poppy Class

Poppy Class

Poppy class is a friendly class of eleven Year 8 and 9 students.  We enjoy a wide ranging curriculum.  In maths we use lots of practical experiences to cover areas such as number, measure, shape, money and data handling.  Our literacy lessons focus on a termly theme which becomes the focus for our writing, speaking and listening activities.

Poppy class really enjoy practical lessons such as Food Technology, Art, swimming, library, Rebound Therapy and soft play sessions.  We enjoy learning whilst out in the community and also our regular swimming sessions at Aqua Vale.  We have a great team of staff to encourage, support and make learning fun.

We enjoy our library area, where we like to look at books, read and listen to stories and join in other quiet activities.  We especially enjoy going outside, so if we are not in class you can usually find us outside working in the garden and exploring the environment.

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