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Maple Class

Maple Class

Maple Class is a group of 6 students. We all really enjoy coming into school and using our classroom to enjoy lots of different lessons, as well as reading and looking at books on our soft chairs and other activities that we can share with each other and the adults who help us.

We enjoy exploring food and cooking in the kitchen and we are beginning to use our skills to make simple snacks for ourselves.

We have a lot of fun at rebound and enjoying sensory stories in the soft play area.

We really enjoy taking part in range of activities to develop our life skills and independence. We explore and experience real life resources and engage in practical activities to support our learning. We really enjoy using our skills in the local community.

The students in Maple Class all work hard in their lessons with the support and encouragement of staff who are kind, caring and who help us to further our skills and make the learning fun.

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