Connect Group

Connect Group

The Connect group are the post 16 Stocklake Park students.   We are delighted to have recently moved into a new part of the school which was completed this autumn.  We chose the name Connect (suggested by one of our students) as it reflects our aim to ‘connect’ with our learning, with others at school and with the wider community.

Our curriculum is based on the skills, knowledge and understanding that will support our students when they move on to post-school life; developing confidence, independence, social skills and the ability to communicate affectively are key foundation stones.  Lessons include Literacy, Speech and Language, PSHE, Home Management, Daily Living Skills, Music, Humanities, Art, World of Work, Community, Post School Planning, PE, Swimming and Rebound Therapy.  Maths and ICT are used as tools within other subject areas rather than being taughet in discrete sessions.  A multi-sensory approach is used as extensively as possible and activites and experiences are personalised and adapted to help students engage and benefit from all areas of the curriculum.  Signing, symbols and photos are all used to support learning.

We are also supported in a number of different specialist areas including Speech and Language, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and visual impairment.

We hope, in the years in which students are in the Connect group, that they will benefit from a very wide range of learning experiences both within the school and in the community.

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