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Hazel Class

Hazel Class


Hazel class is an enthusiastic and active group of six boys. We have lots of fun in our class and really enjoy being in school. We all take part in lots of activities and can access our OT area when we want some time to regulate.


Staff in our class use a range of strategies such as visual timetables, in task timetables and objects of reference to help us know what is happening during the day. We talk a lot about how we feel using Zones of Regulation and have access to sensory strategies to help us feel ok and ready to learn.


Hazel class uses a multi-sensory curriculum including lots of therapies such as Attention Group, Story Massage, OT and Soundabout to help develop our communication and turn taking skills. Within our lessons we focus a lot on developing our independence alongside these skills, we especially love Hospitality and Catering, Being Active and Computing.


The staff in our class are great at making learning fun and practical, so together we enjoy ourselves while also achieving amazing things.