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Hazel Class

Hazel Class

Hazel class is a group of six students. We have lots of fun in our class and really enjoy coming to school. We take part in lots of exciting activities and are able to go into our cosy area is we want to have time to ourselves or do some quiet activities like looking at books.

We follow our symbol timetable and some of us use objects of reference so that we all k now what is happening during the day. We also use communicate in print symbols and now and next boards to support us throughout the day. We use zones of regulation to help us to identify how we feel. We then access sensory strategies to make sure that we are ready to learn.

Our curriculum helps us to acquire skills and practise them in real life activities. We focus a lot on developing our independence skills as well as practising our social and communication skills. We especially enjoy practical activities like Rebound, Hospitality and Catering, Being Active and Creative Art.

The curriculum is multi-sensory and sessions are adapted so that we can all access them.  The staff in our class help us to complete activities and acquire lots of new skills.


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