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Cherry Tree Class

Cherry Tree Class


In Cherry Tree class we focus on engaging with the world. We do lots of work to encourage communication so that we can express our likes and dislikes and be able to say “yes and no”. Physiotherapy is a major theme running through our working week. Every day we spend time stretching on the mat or sitting or standing in different positions using a range of specialist equipment to support our posture. If you come to visit you may not even notice that we are practising standing as it may look like we are engaged in Art or Computing! When circumstances are normal, we love to go swimming at Booker Park, an outlet for our energy and a relaxing way to improve joint movement in a safe environment.


We like to get out and about as much as we can. At the moment that means the playground and the MUGA, but we hope to be allowed to visit the park and shops soon once again. We adapt areas of the curriculum so that learning is appropriate for our future needs, and bring the world into the classroom through a range of activities.


Every day we explore cause and effect, making an impact on our environment using technology, switches, iPads and Apps on the Interactive Whiteboard as well as more traditional activities.


We use Signalong, Canaan-Barrie sign, symbols and objects of reference to support our communication and use them to make choices and express our wishes throughout the day. We have a lot of fun during the day, in our drama, stories and daily physio sessions as well as rebound and swinging. We work and play together, building great relationships – come and see us!