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Parent Information

Parental Support

Paper Copies

You may request a paper copy of any information on our website free of charge. Please contact reception on 01296 423 507

Letters Home

You can download copies of the latest letters that have been sent home along with relevant consent forms.

Letters & Forms

Diary Dates


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, dates will be confirmed in due course

The School Day

The school doors are opened at 9.10am. Everyone is expected to arrive at school by 9.30am and we shut the door at this time (thereafter entry via intercom). Students have a break in the morning at about 11.00am. Lunch in school is at 12.30pm followed by off duty time at 1.00pm. Afternoon sessions start at 1.45pm. Afternoon sessions finish at 3.00 p.m. and students gather for assembly and to review the day. Transports home commences at 3.15pm.

Home-School Transport

Passenger Transport arranges taxis and buses to transport most students to and from school, but some parents bring students into school either through eligibility or personal choice. Other students may travel by public transport, whilst some walk or cycle to school independently (with both parental and school consents). Please ensure that both school and taxis are informed of any changes to these arrangements. Most students are entitled to a free bus pass. Application forms are available from your local authority or online. For further information please contact your local District Council.

Sending-in Money

Please make all cheques payable to Stocklake Park School unless otherwise stated. If you send cash into school please ensure that it is in a named envelope.

Students may be eligible for grants awarded to help cover the costs of the different activities undertaken in the Sixth Form. This money can be paid into student accounts. We strongly recommend that students have their own bank accounts. Cash cards locked in the school safe whilst not in use and returned home during the holidays. Full details of expenditure and receipts are sent home regularly.

This is Sixth Form and there are significant changes to the curriculum. It is more flexible than students’ previous Secondary School National Curriculae and includes a lot of work carried out in the community. Each student’s regular costs are approximately £10.00 per week, but this does vary depending on the activities undertaken. The newsletter and home / school diaries will inform you of what is needed. Parental consents will always be sought prior to higher expenditure. All contributions are voluntary and no student will be excluded from an activity because of financial constraints.


If your son or daughter is absent through illness please let us know, as soon as possible, by calling the Harding House office number.  Out of school hours, a message can be left on the answerphone; messages left early help us to sort out daily arrangements, staffing etc. When your son/daughter returns to school please inform us of the reasons for absence.

Please try to arrange medical appointments outside the school day, but if this is not possible, please let us know in advance. It may be that we are intending to be out of school at the time that you hope to pick up your son / daughter, and arrangements need to be made.
If your son/daughter is taken ill at school, we will take appropriate action or phone and ask you to collect them. Please ensure that all your contact numbers are kept up to date. This is especially important in an emergency situation.

Attendance & Absence Policy
Letter & Forms

Lunch Menus

Students have a choice of either a packed lunch or school dinner.

The cost of lunch is £2.50 per day. Payment can either be made in advance for the week (£11.25) on a Monday morning or, if you would prefer, you can pay for the whole of the half term in advance.

An administration charge of £2.00 will be made for each letter or telephone call the school has to generate to individual parents informing them of outstanding dinner money.

Payment for any meals that have been paid for and not taken due to your child being absent from school will be carried forward to the next week/half term.

Spring 2022 Lunch Menus & Allergen Charts

Term Dates

Open on morning of Close at end of afternoon of
Autumn Term 2021 Monday 6th September
Monday 1st November
Thursday 21st October
Friday 17th December
Spring Term 2022 Wednesday 5th January
Monday 28th February
Friday 18th February
Friday 8th April
Summer Term 2022 Monday 25th April
Monday 6th June
Friday 27th May
Wednesday 20th July

The INSET Day dates are as follows. Students do not attend school on these days:

Wednesday 1st September 2021
Thursday 2nd September 2021
Friday 3rd September 2021
Friday 22nd October 2021
Tuesday 4th January 2022

Additional dates

Friday 15th April 2022 – Good Friday
Monday 18th April 2022 – Easter Monday
Monday 2nd May 2022 – Bank Holiday
Thursday 2nd June 2022 – Bank Holiday
Friday 3rd June 2022 – Bank Holiday

Holiday Dates 2020 - 2021

School Uniform & Equipment

No uniform is required for students attending Harding House.

Students will need a wallet or purse to be left at school. This should be appropriate and easy to use. Wallets and purses are locked in the school safe at the end of the day and accounts are sent home weekly.

A coat or jacket as we are out in the community almost daily.

An apron for Home Management and other cooking activities.

Students who are to attend the allotment will need wellingtons/old shoes (N.B. sandals are not allowed even in summer and skirts are discouraged). Notice will be given when students are to have planned sessions at the allotment.

PE kit of shorts/jogging bottoms, t-shirt and trainers and swimming kit to be available – these items will be needed on a regular rather than weekly basis.

Mobile phones, ipods, CDs etc are brought into school at students’ own risk – please label clearly with student’s name. Each student has his/her own locker in which to keep personal and/or more valuable items. Students pay £1 returnable deposit for their own key.

Staying away from Home

Some students who attend Harding House also board at Pebble Brook School during part or all of the school week. At Pebble Brook students enjoy a wide variety of social and leisure activities. Please phone 01296 415761 for further information. Other students use the respite care facilities such as The Grove (Children’s Services) or Seeleys House and Downley Lodge (Adult Services) either during the week or the weekend.

Some students use Direct Payments for overnight activities or weekend and holiday breaks with the carer of their choice.


If  your son/daughter has regular medication, please ensure that you ask for the appropriate forms so that the medication and dosage are clearly recorded and kept on file. Please remember to notify us of any changes so that we can maintain accurate information. All medication must be clearly labelled with student’s name, dose etc and given to staff who will store it safely. Medication in boarding bags must be handed to staff for safe storage during the day and collected at the end of the day. If the need arises for temporary medication to be administered by staff, please ensure that written consent and clear instructions are sent into school. A blank proforma is available for parents/carers to use should the need arise.

Keeping you Informed

School Contact

We operate an ‘Open Door’ policy and parents are welcome to phone to speak to staff or visit to discuss individual issues. However, we do ask that, unless it is urgent, these arrangements are made in non-teaching time. Parents are welcome to email staff.

We also hold regular Parents’ Evenings, with timed appointments to discuss individual students, and an Annual Open Day. Occasional information sharing meetings e.g. Connexions updates, Duke of Edinburgh Expedition etc., are planned as necessary.


All students have a planned Annual Review meeting, with reports relating to all aspects of teaching and learning – including Speech and Language Therapy, OT, Residential Reports etc as appropriate.

Staff will send home the Annual Report to Parents in July.

All students produce an Interim Record of Achievement which they bring home at the end of the summer term. Students who are leaving produce their final Record of Achievement, with all their accredited certificates and different achievements from their time at Harding House to take with them into post school provision. This is also available on a DVD.

Annual IEP targets, including students’ own targets, are set and a progress report is sent home termly.

How we get information to you

The Home / School Diary:
This is used at the beginning of the academic year to give a daily account of how your son/ daughter is settling in. Feedback and questions from parents also help to make the transition period run smoothly. We hope that the diary gradually becomes less necessary as your son/daughter gets used to the school, but can be maintained as long as necessary. We can also communicate through email.

The Newsletter:
This is sent home every Friday – it can also be e-mailed. It contains news of what the students have done during the week and forthcoming events. The newsletter is also available on our website.