Gladstone Group

Gladstone Group

After a planned transition programme, Year 12 students from a number of Buckinghamshire special schools joined the Gladstone group at Harding House.  During Post-16, students follow a Foundation Learning Curriculum; in Year 12 students are introduced to a personalised programme with the emphasis on Work Related Learning, Key Skills (Communication, Number skills, ICT) and Personal Development.  Students’ work gains national accreditation as part of the OCR Life and Living skills Entry level course.

Students access their local community on a regular basis, they begin to explore, develop, generalise and assimilate a wide range of skills that include travel training, communication, numeracy, citizenship and social skills.  These skills complement the curriculum and enrich their learning experience.

Students work with a  range of partners in the community, for example Aylesbury Grammar School, the High School, Connexions advisors.  Gladstone students have the opportunity to access a range of sporting and fitness activities through both taster sessions and short courses.

Students start to compile their Records of Achievement that they will ultimately take with them when they leave school.  They also set personal targets and evaluate their progress.  Each student produces a PowerPoint presentation and a student contribution for the first Annual Review at Harding House.

Currently there are 4 Year 12 students in the Gladstone Group.

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