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Stocklake Park is our special school for secondary ages, including post 16 provision.

Stocklake Park School is a secondary special school and together with the primary special school, Booker Park, are The Vale Federation of Special schools.

We look for all our young people to be successful learners enabling them to achieve in a caring and supportive environment. Working together is at the heart of The Vale Federation and our relationship with parents, carers and all the many professionals is central to helping our young people succeed. Everyone works to make this happen from ensuring the facilities are clean to raising funds for new resources, from supporting personal care to teaching a young person to communicate, from ensuring they get to school to sharing their day on their return – we all have a part to play. Together we work to provide the best that we possibly can to support all their unique learning needs.

We are very proud of Stocklake Park, and you are very welcome to come and visit to see us in action.

Bradley Taylor


Stocklake Park School is part of the Vale Federation of Special Schools. We offer educational provision for students with complex learning difficulties, from 11 to 19 years of age. The curriculum for our post 16 students is designed specifically to develop the skills students need in order to prepare for life after school, whilst also delivering for those with a higher therapeutic need.

There are currently 100 students at Stocklake Park School, based in tutor groups. The curriculum is organised around key questions and themes, which gives students the opportunity to experience and explore different subjects. Central to this is the development of communication and numeracy skills relating to real life situations. Students also experience a range of creative arts and explore aspects of personal, social, moral and emotional education. All our work is based in a belief in each student’s capacity to achieve and be the best they can be, enabling them to be as independent as possible. Our ethos is about encouraging students to value themselves and each other, maximising their enjoyment of learning, whilst developing self esteem and confidence.

Students have access to a range of therapies, multi-agency professionals and specialist staff, including speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and specialist teachers.

Rhonda Gosney

Head of School


Inspire - Enable - Achieve

The Vale Federation is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

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